With its diversity of trades and know-how, Maison Vaux charcuterie de campagne offers a wide range of products.
Thus, you can enjoy pieces of second cuts (pork chops, filet mignon, roast, etc.) but also sausages, merguez or chipolatas or chorizo.
It will delight your taste buds with its many pates and terrines with pork, goose and duck. Just mention the Petit Sarladais (with whole duck foie gras nuggets) or country terrine with smoked goose breast !
Black pudding and andouillette were awarded by the jury of MOF ‘Gourmets de France’.
And as the Bordeaux region is nearby, it also produces some Bordeaux specialties such as the Bordeaux gratton and the Médoc granary.
Dry sausages, dry sausages and chorizo ​​are also part of our offer. In the dryers, they are hanging next to the dryer of our dried hams. Our smoker with beech wood chips allows us to smoke duck breasts, duck breast, pork belly but also sausages and sausages.
Finally, the offer would be incomplete without preserves. Truffle pâtés, porcini mushrooms or chestnuts, filled with duck foie gras or goose foie gras, delicatessen specialties (parsley mush, country pâté, black pudding or stuffed ham), typical dishes from Périgord (enchaud, confits, foie gras), cooked dishes but also sauces and soups, the list is long and enticing!
We want to bring our customers high quality products. Thus, we have established a partnership with a breeder who supplies us with high Black Pork on the Ferme de Cambes (47).
This Black Pork is characterized by its marbled meat obtained thanks to its rustic genetics and its healthy and local diet (without antibiotic). Tender, tasty and tasty, it melts in the mouth.