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Charcuterie de campagne Maison VAUX

We claim to be artisanal pork butchers because it’s the knowledge of our cutters/boners, pork butchers and cooks that are the keystone to the realization of all our recipes. The pushers, the marmites and other meat cleavers are just here to allow the good progress of each recipes.
We don’t have any production line. We are organized in an autonomous workshop where each person realizes his recipe, controlling completely the process and bringing all the knowledge possible. Our products are not standardized, and we assure you to always have a constant quality and to always find the good taste of local and artisanal products. The naturalness of the production means that the product evolves naturally, anthentically, until the moment you taste it. We respect what our parents and grandparents did on the farm, but with modern methods and tools.
Therefore, yes, we insist on our artisanal methods and our expertise inherited from our ancestors; noble raw materials produced in our terroir, simple and natural authentic recipes, respecting culinary traditions of the Périgord Noir, transmitting the know-how between the generations. These are our artisanal values.
With Maison Vaux Charcuterie de Campagne, simply enjoy Périgord !
Porc 100%
Sud Ouest
& Charte Qualité
Rapide 48h
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