A healthy and balanced diet is intended to ensure the proper functioning of the body and maintain a stable normal weight.
A varied diet provides a true nutritional balance. A balanced diet should consist of various kinds of foods, each of which should cover specific needs.
Pork is the first meat consumed in France (meat and cold cuts).
It contains high quality proteins, proteins that help develop the muscle tissue.
It is also rich in zinc, phosphorus, iron, selenium (trace element with a very powerful antioxidant) and vitamins B (B1 thiamine essential for growth), B2, B3, B5, B9 and B12.
Thanks to genetics, the fat content has decreased by 25% in 30 years. Pork is mostly fat in its periphery. Depending on the pieces, the lipid content varies. Thus, ham and filet mignon are lean pieces.
Unsaturated fatty acids are predominant.
Each piece of pork must be cooked to the heart to release all its flavor.


Salt is an important ingredient that maintains the microbiological quality of deli meats and has taste and qualities texture for the products.
We have made sure to reduce the amount of salt in most of our products.


Nitrite salt (E250 Sodium nitrite or E252 potassium nitrate) is an additive traditionally used in charcuterie. It plays a role in the good performance in manufacturing and medium-term preservation.
On all our recipes and fabrications, very few products contain nitrite salt. It is present in low doses only when it is essential to avoid bacteriological developments and guarantee a perfect preservation of the product.


We make a point of making recipes that are as natural as possible in the respect of the environment and the health of the consumer.
This manifest itself very concretely by not using:
Artificial chemical dyes
Artificial fellers of taste
Polyphosphates in cooked hams whatever the recipe implemented