A daily supply, 100% fresh meat, assuring the prefect freshness of the products produced by La Maison Vaux.
A supply 100% of France origin (certification le porc francais.) and local sourcing to promote proximity and work with breeders.
A constructive and long-standing partnership with our suppliers to ensure the quality, fluidity and security of our supplies.
A complete traceability due to the proximity of our supplies and to our knowledge of their structure.
A strict respect of hygiene rules (HACCP method) guaranteeing the food safety of our products.
A production tools constantly improving to bring a better working comfort to the teams and always ensure the best quality of manufactured products.
A manufacturing site perfectly integrated in its environment to cause no visual, olfactory, sound or ecological nuisance.
A very attentive listening of our customers and a great proximity with them to collect their remarks, suggestions, appreciations and to be able to give them all the information and explanations on our methods and our products.

Our will : to make you “Savor Périgord, simply“